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Spring Inspired Iftar Party Idea

Spring Inspired Iftar Table 

Spring Inspired Iftar Table 

Ramadan is here, We all know it is a spiritual month. The holy Quran was revealed in this month. May Allah Pak gives us the strength to fast and Ibadah. I hope we all get a chance to connect with Allah and understand the true purpose of Ramadan.

After all the Ibadat and fasting, we always managed to celebrate Ramadan with our loved ones by having Iftar together. I am feeling blessed that I got to create this Iftar setup. so you get can get some inspiration for your Iftar parties.

DIY Flower Garland Backdrop For Iftar Table 

Floral Iftar Table

This is the easiest backdrop you can create for your dessert tables. I got the flowers from traders joes and tied them myself one day before I had to create this setup. You can store the flowers in any container. for the stick, go outside on a walk and find a good sturdy stick. I hanged the stick first then added the flowers on the stick it was more manageable. your flower garland is ready. 

Some of you might have started planning for Iftar Party already. I Understand I have started getting invitations as well. That's why tried my best to post this as early as I can.
This Iftar Table is inspired by spring, and you know I love flowers. Flowers brightens the space and add so much freshness.

 Crescent & start Tray

Crescent & star Tray  

This gorgeous Crescent Moon and Star tray is from WithaSpin. It can be set up on your dessert table or coffee table.

Ramadan Mubark Cake Topper 

Golden Ramadan Mubarak Cake Topper 

To pull off a gorgeous and perfect table every bit of detail matters, Like these golden strays and Ramadan Mubarak Party Favors From UpaNotch and HafsaCreates

Ramadan Mubarak party favours

Ramadan Party idea 

 These Party Favor Bags are also from HafsaCreates you can check them out here
Iftar party idea

Iftar Table 

Iftar Dessert table ideas 

floral garland background for Iftar table  

Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Party Favors 

I added a lassi and Lemon water for Iftar. What Kind of drinks you add in your Iftar table?
drink for Iftar table 

Here is a list of all the product that I have used.

If you do get Inspired by this setup and create something similar or even better than this. Please do share it with me. I'd love to see your creation.

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