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Little Girl Purple Bedroom Decor

My Daughter's Bedroom Update 

Girl Bedroom


I hope you all are doing great.  Spring is here and I always feel pumped up in the spring. How do you feel in spring? I am the happiest girl in the spring.

I am feeling proud that I finished my daughter's room, and  It looks so refreshing now. Two years back when we transitioned her into the separate room, I just got Ikea bed, side table and that shelf. After we moved into our new house, I started her room, but I couldn't finish it. we had a guest over for a few months, so we moved the guest into her room.

Here is a link to all the products that I have used:
Storage Bean bag From MimishDesign
White duvet Cover From Target
wool felt ball Garland
Gold Wall Decal Dots
Rainbow Pillow

Bean Bag in Girl Room

This time when I start her room , I really wanted some place to sit. Problem was, her room is not really big enough for extra seat and her toys. So I knew I need bean bag thatch store all her stuff toys and it can be a comfortable seat as well. This is not like regular ugly jercy bean bag, Its gorgeous, sturdy and saves ton of your space. This beautiful bean bag is from MimishDesign All of their collection is gorgeous.

Purple Accent Wall 

I ordered this one because  I want both of us to sit comfortably to read book and snuggle.  You can use Discount Code SANA15 to save on your order.

It's good size Bean Bag, we are enjoy it.

Purple Accent Paint in Girl Bedroom with Modern Decor   

As I went bold with room Color I decided to go white to balance it out. I got this washed cotton bed cover with embroidered  detail on it from target Here the link. It is affiliate link, I will get some percent if you purchase through this link.  here is the link to the rainbow pillow

White cotton duvet cover in Girl's room

I am giving you this leaf print as gift, you can download

Free leaf print 

Purple accent wall in Girl's Bedroom with modern and minimal decor

These pom pom Garland , polka dots and this rainbow pillow are from amazon.  here are the link the products:
wool felt ball Garland
Gold Wall Decal Dots
Rainbow Pillow

Ikea wall shelves

ikea wall shelves on accent wall 

Golden hanging Stars in purple room

 I got this Iqra print from Etsy, Its Arabic word that means read.

Storage bean bag in Little Girl Bedroom decor

hanging Golden Star in my daughter's room

I am really happy with bean bag decision and its my daughters favorite, here is the link if you want to purchase and use SANA15 to get discount

Golden polka Dot on Accent Wall

 Here is a link to al the products I have used:
Storage Bean bag From MimishDesign
White duvet Cover From Target
wool felt ball Garland
Gold Wall Decal Dots
Rainbow Pillow
Iqra print is from Etsy
shelves are from ikea

If you have any question you can email me or leave a comment.

thank you,

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