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Minimal,Modern and Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Decor ( Fall Tablescape using centrepiece)

ThanksGiving Dinner Table Setup

Every year we host Thanksgiving dinner at our place and we have continued this tradition. we don't do it with our family as our family is not here but we invite those friends whose family is not here too that way we all get to celebrate and be thankful to God together.

Hosting Thanksgiving 

when you are hosting thanksgiving you have so much to worry about from food prep to kids clothing and to make sure your turkey is seasoned perfectly. while you are doing all this work so why not keep the thanksgiving decor to minimal and budget friendly so you can more focus on food. after all we all wait for thanksgiving turkey whole year and making everyone's favorite pies. by the way i am not making pie this year, i am planning to make  crepe cake. I have to work on my pie skill before i make for my guest.

Budget Friendly Decor 

This is just the beginning of holiday season probably you don't want break your budget only on this.why not we go outside and find something in nature like leaves and bushes in your fall table setting.

Adding some real seasonal fruits in your fall table 

Instead of buying artificial decor to use in your fall table why not add some fruits so you can eat them later not store them in box for whole year. be creative and bring fall fruits in your table.

Fall greenery in thanksgiving table 

i love adding eucalyptus in my home decor not just they look pretty but they smell amazing too. Eucalyptus will add a fresh scent in your home and they will you make your centrepiece look fuller 

 Thanksgiving centrepiece 

My budget was low so i used my previously owned fake flower that i got from amazon along with some eucalyptus from trader joes and some bushes from outside.

hope this fall table decor will help you setup your own thanksgiving decor. i wish you have lovely thanksgiving.

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