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Simple And Modern Diy Fall Wreath

 hoop fall wreath

hello hello !!

I should have shared this earlier but i was bit lazy to put the blog post together.

I was inspired to make this minimal wreath from here because i already had yarn which i got 7 years ago  when i thought to learn basic scarf knitting. obviously i didn't even finish that scarf. This yarn was in my storage for 7 years for no reason. When i saw this modern fall wreath on pintrest i just  realized this what i like minimal and flower but not to orangy. It actually came out pretty good

List of Item To Make Minimal Flower Hoop Fall Wreath

  • hoop

  • yarn

  • green stems and flowers

  • plastic wire and glue gun 

Directions to make flower fall hoop wreath 

I got the hoop and green stem  from joaan, i already had flowers and yarn.

 I use the plastic wire to tie the green stems, make sure tight it securely

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