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Lemon Pound Cake

Hello Friends!
here i am to share my story about the lemon cake. 
since its summer vacation i wanted to bake together with my daughter so i started a search for some recipe and i found lemon pound cake recipe  in bundt pan on Pinterest, well Pinterest is my best friend. lemon bundt cake, such a pretty cake i thought it's gonna be beautiful too to share on my Instagram.

now that recipe is final all i have to do is find the bundt tube pan, i do not want to spent so much money on that as i know i am not gonna be use it often. I went to thrift store,yup thrift store and you know what i found the nonstick bundt pan in very good condition for just $3.99. Isn't it a good deal, i was so excite i could't wait to start the baking. 

My daughter and i start the baking, we followed each step carefully.After baking, now comes the exciting part, i placed the cake on wire rack to cool it down and then i flipped it on the wire rack and waited. Guess what , cake never came out, it got stick to the bottom of the pan. Ohhh! man that disappointment,not a single piece came out nicely.I had to scoop out the cake.I can't even post it on my instagram but it was delicious.

I have to find out what did i do wrong, at some point i was blaming the pan i got from thrift even i was about to get a new one from taget. Well, i start the search and i found  very useful tips and common mistake that could lead this disaster cake. I will share those tips and they are very simple to follow.

After we finished eating cake, we baked the cake again and we follow all those tips so it does not stick to pan and taa daa cake come out so easily and now i have to capture it so i can share with you guys

  •  Greece the pan and dust it with flour when your cake is ready to go in a oven
  • Use butter/shortening to greece the pan but don't use oil, i used the oil first time and it does't work
  • after your cake is all done cool it for 10 minute after 10 minutes tap it on side gently. 
  • put a wire rack or plate on top of the cake pan and flip it and let it rest 10 more minute and tap it  again ta da cake is all out

enjoy the picture until you bake your own 

I hope all these tips are gonna help you, if you like my post don't forget to comment and follow me on Instagram: @sanafeem 

Thank you,
sana faheem


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