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Easy DIY Flower Napkin Ring

napkin ring
hello friends!
Eid-ul-udha is week away  and i am planning to share  table escape with you. As i was preparing for the Eid dinner  table escape i thought to use napkin rings. I don't have any napkin rings and i don't want to break my budget so  that's how i came with idea of flower napkin ring. It very easy to make 

Faux flower napkin ring 

Things you need to make napkin ring are below in picture 1

step by step diy flower napkin ring 

List of item you need to make flower napkin ring  

  • Flowers
  • flower wire to make ring (i got it from dollar tree store)
  • Wire cutter 
  • floral tape

In above picture you can see you need some thing round to make round ring,i use my spice container to make round ring 
now cover the ring with green floral tape

diy napkin directions

cut out the flowers and leaf that you are gonna use 

do it yourself pink flower napkin ring 

use the glue gun attache the flowers arrangement on the napkin ring,don't worry this glue is not be visible once you add all flower arrangement 
faux flower napkin ring direction stepwise 

you napkin ring is ready you can use it as or i added a eucalyptus
pink flower napkin ring

napkin ring ideas 

diy flower napkin ring ideas 

I hope you like this easy peasy flower napkin ring. If you like this please let me know in comment
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