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DIY Marble Cart

here i am with another simple and easy DIY. recently i have been obsesses with marble trend, are you obsessed with some kind of trend?

We don't have built in microwave, i got this cart from amazon about 2 years ago for microwave. I looked almost every where but space i had in my kitchen for cart was limited to some kind of width. This cart's width and length was perfect for corner in my kitchen. I liked the cart from functionality point but after a while a was bored with its look so i came up with a idea to give it a marble look.

I searched a lot to find good quality marble adhesive, some were very and some were not adhering to the surface properly but d-c-fix Self-Adhesive work wonder and very easy to use

and to remove all the air bubble and to smooth it out, i use my kitchen tool a food scrapper/cake lifter, i got it from dollar store. It has a sharp edges so i tapped it twice  because i don't want to amake any scratches or tear on my adhesive paper.

or you can purchase this one from amazon
Rust-Oleum 95012 Flexible Smoothing Tool
here is before picture 

this adhesive paper is easy to work with so lets start:

apply as you peel and unroll otherwise it'll be hard to handle 

now you have to smooth it out with smoother tool and remove all the air bubbles and repeat it.
carefully fold aound the edges and its done 

was't it easy? and you can achieve this beautiful marble look with just $8.

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thank you 
sana faheem

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