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DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium

its been long i haven't post any thing on my blog,i was just little busy with things.i was not able to get time to write a blog post. well here i am

today i thought i'll share easiest DIY ever faux succulent terrarium. who does not love succulents? i am a big fan of succulents and i have killed lot of succulents too. i have lots of plants at home for about year and  half and one plant is almost 3 year old but no succulents.

After wasting my money on succulents to build terrarium, i kind of gave up and i decided to make faux succulent terrarium.

Thing you need:

  •  faux succulents
  • 4 ponds of sand(i got mine from joann and used the 40% off coupon  )
  • terrarium
  • fairy light is optional
  • wire cutter    


trim the stem according to your desired length


This is my terrarium,i got it about 3 years ago from westelm and i have tried to make succulent terrarium  but never had success .




ta- daa !! 
it's done 

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thank you,
sana faheemsucculents

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