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Welcome to Inside My Escapes! My name is Sana and I am programmer by profession but my passion for decor, diy and party planning is no less than programming . I am born and raised in Pakistan, living in USA. I am wife, mom of one little adorable girl, daughter and sister. I am blessed to have all those relationships in my life.

I love to  organize, Doing things myself. Cooking is not really my jam but i'll share my favourite recipes that i have championed over the years. I got married at young age and came to USA . I am learning as I am making my house, and there is more to learn. I wanted to show you how I do thing around the house, and i want you to share your ways , so don't forget to comment or say hi!.


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  1. Good Initiation, and it looks difficult for me to manage all, even I am single but it looks like. And I think what you are doing is exploring and sharing your experiences, and it is kind of helping.