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watch metamorphosis caterpillars turns into butterflies live

painted lady butterfly

what could be better toy for your child when it comes to learning and getting close to nature, watching a miracle of metamorphosis caterpillar turning into beautiful painted lady butterflies.

 I am very excited to see these tiny caterpillar turning into butterfly. we have been reading her "The very hungry caterpillar book" since she was little,i have noticed every child owns that books and  she remembers the whole book now that's why we thought it would be even more fun see butterfly life-cycle live in your home.

we heard about Insect Lore Live Butterfly kit from my husbands colleague, he got it for her daughter during the Christmas time. we wanted to get it right a way as we heard,well we did not. We decided to wait until weather gets better otherwise grown  butterflies will not be able to survive outside in cold once you release them out. Outside temperature have to be above 55F.

 Yes, you have to set them free so they can go explore the world outside and continue their life cycle. Anyway,  adult butterflies life span is only 2 to 4 weeks,watching them die in your home is gonna be even more harder for kids.

Price comparison

we did a  research where to get the right  Butterfly Growing Kit at right price. All most all of the retail stores are selling it online and we compared the price and shipping options,for us amazon is the best option.

following is the price comparison i did, i hope you don't have to spend more time on searching and price comparison 

 You can purchase them: here. The link i am providing you it comes with 5 metamorphosis caterpillar.

 I  mistakenly order the wrong butterfly growing kit too which says it include voucher for 5 caterpillars not the caterpillars, that means you have to order them separately and that is gonna take some time to arrive. Thank God, i read it before it was even delivered and i got time to cancel my order.
I read reviews and people were surprise when they got caterpillar kit with no caterpillars but the voucher.Caterpillar kit with voucher is good when you are giving it as gift.

About Insect Lore Live Butterfly Growing Kit :

  • One cup of five caterpillars each with all the nutritious food they need to grow into lovable Painted Lady Butterflies.
  • Pop-up, reusable mesh habitat perfect for butterfly viewing in the home or classroom.
  • Feeding Pipette
  • Complete Live Butterfly Garden Instructions.
Here is the update:

They grow really fast, in about 10 to 12 day they went on roof of container and went in to their chrysalis.

once they are in chrysalis, you have to be very careful and do not move container a lot  for 3 days after 3 day, clean their last shaded skin  and move them in their station, as you can  see in following picture

 Rainbow drawing you see in a basket, my daughter made for butterflies.

all of our caterpillar turns into butterflies

we had wonderful learning experience butterflies, do try it and let me know how was your experience 
you can comment or email me if you have any questions

Thank you,
sana faheem

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