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Second Birthday Party

jungle theme party

my daughter's Second Birthday party!, hmm!! let me scratch up my memories. It has been two years but thanks to my husband and friend who helped us capture all those moments. I will share some tips and idea, I hope it'll be helpful for you.

How I came up with theme party theme. actually, my little munchkin had no interest in princes at that time, and neither she was able to tell me if she want something specific. I had to make a decision, and that was not easy at all. Her favorite shows at that time were only Daniel Tiger Neighborhood, Curios George, and the hive(it's a bee show on netflix ). Basically,she loves nature.She never had dolls and she still don't play with dolls. when she was little she used to hug trees. here is a picture of her hugging a tree.

That's how i came up with jungle theme birthday party!!
Pictures are not perfect because I had no intention to create a blog.

Her Birth Day is in December, we can't really do birthday parties in park outside so we decided to do  at home.It turned out little chaotic as our house was small but lot of fun .That's why, we only invited to our friends, who had marvi's age kids.

yes, she is licking icing from the cake, and she ate 3 cupcakes frosting.
we did all the decoration night before the birthday because we did day time birthday party..

Supplies you need for wall decor and table  

  • Burlap fabric(I got it from joan and used the coupon ) 
  • plastic table clothe ( match your burlap fabric)
  • hot glue gun
  • craft green paper (to make leaves)
  • scissor
  • ballons different colors 

we watched video on youtube how to make column of  balloons and we secured it with the tape.
For Table cover,measure three sides of your table and two extra yard to that measurement. you don't need to buy extra fabric for wall decoration. we are gonna cut 3" to 4" width of stripes from width of the fabric, you probably might  need 10 to 12 stripes depends how big is your table,our's small Ikea table. Length of the stripe is your decision. 

Cover your table with plastic table cover and secure it with tape so you can glue burlap on top off that.I got  stripy table cover from dollar store but turned out,it was just stripy on side,it was bummer. Start making pleats in burlap fabric with hot glue, I did't pleat on side of table, just on the front. Once you are done with pleats, now start wrapping your table with pleated fabric and secure with hot glue(you are not using glue on table directly, first plastic table cover then fabric ). 

we gave these mask to each kid. we got those from amazon you can buy them here 


These marshmallow treats melt right into your mouth,this was most popular among kids and adult, I made my own with halal marshmallow.
Some healthy stuff
Aloo samosa
Gol gappay

 No Pakistani/Indian party complete without samosa and gol gappy, I got these samosa from Pakisani grocery store  brand name Haldiram Punjabi samosa
I wanted say special thanks to my friend Valentina for taking beautiful pictures.


while you are busy hosting party and taking care of your guests, handout the camera to your best friend 
make play room,at 2 year age kid can't play unattended in bedroom. so,we moved the dinning table in living kids have whole designated room to play around  and parents don't have to worried about.

As i told you before, i have never host/decor/plan party before, if i can do so can you! I believe you can do better than me.Be creative,take some ideas and make your child's special memorable and fun. 

I wanted hear from you,how did you like my jungle theme party decoration 

Thank you,
Sana Faheem

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